Personal growth

The Freedom Years - longer healthier lives

On average people are living longer - leading healthier and more productive lives for longer. Many of us can look forward to longer and more active lives than previous generations. Let’s replace...Read more

Mary Somervell

04 June 2018

Making the best of now

Every day is precious. Making the best of now is about living in the moment. One of the  best ways is discovering new adventures right on our doorstep.  Bucket lists have...Read more

17 October 2017

Making the most of major life changes

Major life changes create wonderful opportunities for new beginnings and doing things differently. Some transitions come unexpectedly – redundancy, a major health setback, the loss of a loved one or a...Read more

Mary Somervell

08 June 2017

Wildboy's inspirational Kiwi adventure

What a ripper of a tale this is! Brando Yelavich turned his life around by walking the entire New Zealand coastline. Raging dogs, charging bulls, steep cliffs, rugged bush, mudflats, pounding...Read more

Book Review - Wildboy by Brando Yelavich

08 August 2015

Breakthrough coaching for transforming your life

Successful outdoor adventures give us a real sense of accomplishment. Such life changing experiences can be a springboard for taking on new challenges. This greater confidence in our abilities can translate...Read more

Mary Somervell

25 April 2015

Lessons learned from major surgery

Waking up on an operating table to the sound of drilling and hammering is a pretty novel experience. Fortunately I couldn't feel a thing and soon nodded off under the...Read more

Mary Somervell

11 April 2015